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We offer a complete line of green cleaning options for both your carpet and tile cleaning needs. Safe for you pet and kids. Chandler, AZ
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This carpet had
over 25 pet stains!

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About us:

Above & Beyond Carpet & Tile Cleaning LLC is a local owner operated Gilbert carpet cleaning company. As the owner I personally do each job myself and treat each home as if it were my own. If you choose to do business with my company I am sure you will be pleased with the level of service you receive. My motto is "Out of this world service, down to earth prices."

Thank you ,

Kipp Stoltzfus
Above & Beyond Carpet & Tile Cleaning LLC

Proudly service Chandler, AZ and surrounding areas.

Chandler Carpet Cleaning
Our standard carpet cleaning package includes:

1. Pre-inspection of carpet areas - I will conduct a visual inspection with you of all carpet areas to be cleaned. We will note all carpet damage, stains, and pre-existing conditions.

2. Consultation with customer prior to starting - We will then discuss the best options to accomplish your desired results. All work to be performed and pricing will be documented and approved prior to the start of any work.

3. Pre-spotting of all stains - All stain will be spotted with specific stain spotting cleaners for the type of stain. **NOTE** some stain may require additional services to remove (red dye stains, ink, paint, and pet urine typically require special applications)

4. Pre-treatment of all carpet areas - All carpet areas will be pre-treated with a hot (220 degree) soil suspension cleaner.

5. Steam rinse & extraction - No shampoo or sticky residue cleaners are used during our extraction process. Instead we use a rinsing agent that remove all residue from the carpet. This leaves the carpet cleaner, softer, and it remains cleaner longer because there is no residue left in the carpet to attract dirt.

We also offer DELUXE and PREMIUM carpet cleaning packages.

Above and Beyond logo v2Here are just a few ways we deliver
"Out of this world service"

Above and Beyond Globe logoOwner-Operator: Owner does each job himself(...more)

Above and Beyond Globe logo Consultation-Up front prices before each job(...more)

Above and Beyond Globe logo Pre-Treatment & Stain Spotting included(...more)

Above and Beyond Globe logo Professional, courteous, and punctual service(...more)

Above and Beyond Globe logo Certified Green Cleaning options available(...more)

Above and Beyond Globe logo Soft water used-Cleans better & softer carpet(...more)

Above and Beyond Globe logo Edge guards-foot covers used in you home(...more)

Above and Beyond Globe logo Powerful truck mount equipment(...more)

Above and Beyond Globe logo Post job cleanup, we leave no mess behind(...more)

5 Star Customer Reviews

5 Star customer review rating WOW! Great Service! My carpets look great, they removed all the stains. I would highly recommend this company to anyone. 
                                        - Barbara W. Chandler, Arizona

5 Star customer review ratingThanks for the great job on our tile and grout, it looks great! I didn't think it would ever come clean! 
                                        - Jeannie S. Chandler, Arizona

5 Star customer review rating On time, professional, & the price was what you quoted. Finally a carpet & Upholstery cleaner you can trust! 
                                        - Don W. Chandler, Arizona

5 Star customer review rating I was tired of looking at my cracked tile every day in my entry, thanks for repairing it, it looks great. 
                                        - Dr. Watson Chandler, AZ

5 Star customer review rating A real pro, our upholstery looks like new, they got rid of the pet odor, and the quick dry time was great to!
                                        - Betty B. Chandler, Arizona

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