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Pet Odor|Stain Removal

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Odorcide Pet Odor Treatment

Does it work on pet urine?
Answer: Yes. Odorcide will eliminate the odors caused by pet urine. We will simply identify the source and make sure Odorcide is used in a manner that will ensure contact with the odor molecule.

Question: Can you use it on rugs?
Answer: Yes. Odorcide is safe for use on rugs and carpets of all kinds.

Question: Does it leave a residue?
Answer: No. Odoricide is a water based product thus no residue is left behind.

Question: Does it attract dirt?
Answer: No. Odorcide is non-ionic with a neutral Ph thus it does not attract dirt or debris after use.

Question: Will it hurt the finish on my floor?
Answer: No. Odorcide is a water based product and contains no caustic ingredients that will damage the floor surface.

Odorice Treatment $35

Odorcide Treatment Special

Treat up to 3 Rooms (300 sq/ft) for only $35

Treat up to 5 Rooms (750 sq/ft) for only $60

Treat up to 7 rooms (1000 sq/ft) for only $75

Pet Stain Removal

Pro Choice Pet Urnine Pretreatment

Removing Urine Stains and Spots in Carpets.

Though not the most pleasant of substances to think about, it's surprising easy to remove. Urine contains various chemicals including uric acid. Most components of urine can be washed away in the normal course of laundering. Uric acid presents problems in stain removal. If you heat uric acid crystals, they will become fixed on the fabric. The effect will be permanent. Insoluble uric acid crystals are difficult to remove with normal cleaning solutions like bleach.

Uric acid crystals stick to any surface including smooth surface like tiles and porcelain. These crystals have to be physically removed by mechanical means like scrubbing etc.

Pro Choice Pet Urine Remover image

Pet Stains On Carpets:

Pet urine stains on carpet should be removed as early as possible. Any delay will cause the uric acid to crystallize on the rug and carpet. The effect will be permanent on the carpet. So take a quick and immediate action.

We utilize a two part process to remove pet urine stains from your carpet or rugs.  We first petreat the stains with a pet urine pretreatment, we then extract the stain with our steam cleaning process. If any stain remains we apply Pro's Choice "Urine Stain Remover" . This treatment is left in your carpet and will self neutralize. We recommend keeping pets and children away from the treated area until the treatment has dried.

Pet Stain Removal $15

Pet Stain Removal Special

Treat up to 3 pet urines stains for only $39

Treat up to 5 pet urine stains for only $49

Treat up to 7 pet urine stains for only $59

Deep Urine Stain/Odor Removal

This process is necessary when urine stains are excessively large or have been in place for an extended period of time

Deep Extractions cost $25 (up to a 2 sq/ft area)

Using this tool allows the removal of the source of the smell. 


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