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Renters Security Deposit Return

renter security deposit carpet cleaning guarantee imageGet your Security Deposit Back!

Are you moving out of an apartment or home rental?

Are you worried you won't get your deposit back because of the condition of your carpets? Don't worry we can help!

We will inspect your carpets and offer a *100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you don't get your deposit back because of the cleanliness of the carpet after we clean it!

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Arizona Tile and Carpet Cleaning LLC - 480-773-8227

We service the entire Phoenix Az metro area including; Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Ahwatukee, Tempe, Apache Junction, Queen Creek, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Glendale, Avondale, Peoria, Goodyear, Cave Creek, Deer Valley Surprise, and Sun City

Before you rent

- It's important to find out some things about the apartment complex's policies or get some idea of your landlord's views before you decide to rent.

* Find out how much the deposit is. The amount will usually depend on the rent but a good average is $200 - $300.

* Be clear on what the deposit covers and write down that information. Does it cover damages and cleaning? Have the landlord sign your notes. Give him a copy and keep one for yourself.

* How does the landlord want the deposit paid? Most will want you to pay the entire amount before you move in but others may allow you to spread the payments over your lease time. There is also a new alternative. Security Deposit insurance allows you to pay small monthly fees. Ask the landlord if he has this program.

* Inspect the apartment. Walk through the property with the landlord and point out any damage left by previous renters. Remember that as soon as you sign that lease you are responsible for the property and you will be held liable for any damage - even if you didn't do it. At least you will be responsible unless you've written it down and had the list signed by landlord before you move in. Check everything and write everything down. Pay close attention to the condition of the carpet. Look for stains, damage, or loose carpet.  Make sure there are no pet odor smells in the carpet. Have the landlord sign it and keep a copy for yourself and one for the office records. When you move out, you and the landlord can check this list for damages that are not your responsibility.

* Start a file. File away all the documents you have compiled so far and keep this file for any correspondence relating to the rented apartment or house.

Moving in

* Take photos. Before you move in the furniture take photos of every room in the house or apartment. File them away.

* When you're moving in the furniture, cover the door jams to protect them against damage. Also be careful not to dent walls.

* Double check the property for any damage you may have missed in your original inspection. Write it down - you usually have a few days to discover any problems in the apartment. Have repairs seen to immediately and write down work notices given and repairs completed.

Throughout the lease period

* Any time a problem arises, keep a copy of the work order sent to the landlord and the date of the repair.

* Keep your carpet clean, vacumm frequently.  Clean stains immediately.  Have you carpet professionally cleaned every 6-12 months.

* If some damage occurs that will not be covered by your deposit, discuss the cost with your landlord and then price the repair for yourself. If it is cheaper to repair it yourself, then do so and show your landlord the result.

* Try to avoid doing things that will damage the apartment, like attaching bookshelves to the wall or changing the structure in any way.

* Make sure you keep up-to-date with all your utility bills. The landlord is entitled to take the deposit to cover any you leave unpaid.

Moving out

* Give a 30-day notice of your intention to leave. If you do not, you will loose your deposit.

* Make sure your utilities will be cut off as soon as you leave. If you move out with the utilities still in your name you will be responsible for the cost and the money due can be taken out of your deposit.

* Clean the apartment or house make sure to vacumm the carpets, wipe down all counters, clean out the refrigerator, clean the windows, and clean the bathrooms.

* After all furniture & personal items are removed call us to do a complete carpet cleaning and recieve your *100% money back guarantee

* Take photos of the apartment after all the cleaning is complete. If there is no damage and the place is clean, you should be entitled to your deposit back.

* Consult with the landlord on when to expect the money. By law they needs to get it to you within 30 days of your departure.

*100% money back  guarantee only offered after inspection of carpet. We reserve the right to refuse the guarantee if we deem the carpet is damaged or if customer refuses services required to properly clean the carpet.  Money back guaranteed will only be granted if landlord submits in writing to Arizona Tile and Carpet Cleaning LLC within 30 days of service being provided that the cleanliness of the carpet lead to tenants security deposit not being refunded. Arizona Tile and Carpet cleaning will not be responsible and/or bound to this guarantee for any dirt or stains created after the date of cleaning.

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