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5 Star Customer Reviews
5 Star customer
review rating WOW! Great Service! My carpets look great, they removed all the stains. I would highly recommend this company to anyone. 
                                        - Barbara W. Gilbert, Arizona

5 Star customer
review ratingThanks for the great job on our tile and grout, it looks great! I didn't think it would ever come clean! 
                                        - Jeannie S. Mesa, Arizona

5 Star customer review
rating On time, professional, & the price was what you quoted. Finally a carpet & Upholstery cleaner you can trust! 
                                        - Don W. Tempe, Arizona

5 Star
customer review rating I was tired of looking at my cracked tile every day in my entry, thanks for repairing it, it looks great. 
                                        - Dr. Watson Scottsdale, AZ

5 Star customer review
rating A real pro, our upholstery looks like new, they got rid of the pet odor, and the quick dry time was great to!
                                        - Betty B. Chandler, Arizona
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ABOVE & BEYOND Carpet & Tile Cleaning LLCtile and grout cleaning machine

We start out by pretreat your tile and grout with 230 degree solution to quickly begin breaking down the dirt, grease and grime. We then use a high pressure, high temperature cleaning method with spinning grout brush action powered by truck mounted extraction to dissolve and force the dirt and grime out of your tile and grout.  Our process removes years of build up from your tile and grout with ease.  We utilize top of the line cleaning agents. We even offer green - safe cleaners for your tile and grout. We can also apply a protective sealer (optional) to you grout after the cleaning.  This will help protect your grout for years to come allowing you to keep your floor cleaner, avoid permanent staining, and increase the time intervals for professional cleanings. You will see a dramatic improvement in your tile and grout wiht our cleaning process.

Proudly Serving Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Ahwatukee, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Goodyear, Cave Creek, Tempe, Queen Creek, Glendale, Avondale, Apache Junction, Higley, Sun City, Peoria, Surprise, Deer Valley, Maricopa and more! 

The Truth Is...Dirty Carpet Will Make You, Your Family, and Your Friends Sick!

Some common dirty carpet problems include:
  Dust Mites - Did you know that each dust mite molts several times in its life, producing 200 times its waste and will lay 300 eggs. Each mite produces 40 to 100 feces pellets per day. The mite's droppings are coated in an enzymatic, slimy substance which after drying becomes mixed with other particles forming household dirt. 
   Spots - Spots, if they are not removed quickly after they occur, can become permanent ruining your expensive carpeting investment. 
  Pollen/Allergens - When pollen wanders into your home in the spring and fall when the windows are open they can get trapped in your carpet torturing allergy sufferers. 
  Worn, Soiled Traffic Areas - If soil is allowed to get ground into your carpet over a period of time they can become permanent and will begin to break down carpet fibers.
Animal Dander - Pet hair and dander get caught among carpet fibers and can make visitors allergic to pets miserable.

Why You Should Never Put Your Family and Possessions At Risk

Finding a steam carpet cleaner can be a risky proposition. It would be a whole lot easier if all steam carpet cleaners were ethical, competant, and trustworthy--providing you with the deepest cleaning they could, using the best method available. Unfortunately we all know this is not always true. And, it is really hard to know for sure whether you are getting the best cleaning possible or getting ripped off--until it is too late.

Above & Beyond Carpet & Tile Cleaning LLC helps you avoid:

Bait and Switch Dealers - advertising dry carpet cleaning for $7.95 a room and then handing you a bill for $500 because they needed to deep steam clean your carpet to remove the dirt and didn't bother to tell you.

Broken Valuables - by careless unprofessional companies.

Stolen Jewelry - by employees of thoughtless, unbonded companies who don't bother to do background checks on them.

Undiagnosed Health Problems - due to improper extraction causing mold and mildew to develop.


How To Make Finding A Steam Carpet Cleaner Easy

If you are like everyone else, you hate the hassle of trying to find a high-quality professional steam carpet cleaner.

Our specialists consistently provide high-quality residential and commercial steam carpet cleaning services.

When you contact us we will connect you with an experienced, professional steam carpet cleaners.

You can look forward to:

Being contacted quickly by a reputable professional servicing your area to review your requirements and provide you with a FREE estimate

Courteous, professional technicians trained on how to use the latest equipment to make sure you are 100% satisfied with their service.

Convenient appointments arranged to fit your busy schedule - including Saturday appointments.

Extra attention will be paid to trouble spots and heavy traffic areas. 

Specialized Protectors and Deodorizers     

No hidden charges 

Satisfaction Guaranteed


Steam Cleaning Your Own Carpet Can Cost You Big Bucks!

What if you chose to clean your own carpet and upholstery with either a heavy-duty vacuum, a home steam cleaner, or another type of portable units?

While this is an option, this type of equipment may not have the power necessary to remove deeply embedded soil, dust, spots, and pet odors, and they may lack the proper water extraction needed to ensure your carpet ends up really clean. Additionally, portable units that use water may not reach the temperature to properly clean your carpets and upholstery.

You can end up with dirtier carpet than you started out with when the moisture left behind turns into mold and mildew and ends-up destroying your carpet, and making you and your family sick.

The best alternative is to hire a professional steam carpet cleaner who uses hot water extraction to remove deep down dirt.


A Superior Steam Carpet Cleaning Will Return Your Carpet's Luxurious Look and Feel

Okay, you're probably wondering how we can return your carpet's luxurious look and feel.

Above & Beyond Carpet & Tile Cleaning LLC uses a two-step cleaning process because leftover cleaning agents can attract dirt making your carpet appear dirty shortly after it has been cleaned. That's why our two-step steam carpet cleaning system includes the use of a pH balancing fiber rinse to remove any leftover cleaner along with all the dirt. This leaves you with cleaner, softer, and more beautiful carpet.

Here's What You Need To Do

Think about this, if you contact our network of professional steam carpet cleaners now, you will eliminate all the time and energy you would normally devote to searching for a steam carpet cleaner.

Above & Beyond Carpet & Tile Cleaning LLC specialize in providing cleaning solutions for residential and commercial properties just like yours...honestly, quickly, with no hassles. When you work with us you will discover we specialize in streamlining the entire search process so you can do other things. 

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